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10 things I wish I knew before becoming a mom + a GIVEAWAY (YAY!)

Once upon a time, I became a mom and didn’t have a single clue on what to do. I fumbled and fussed, read seemingly helpful books and took parenting advice from VERY old women. It’s all good and well until some lady tells you that you should “shape” your babies nose with your fingers. Yeah, no, that shit is harmful to babies, STOP THAT, INDIAN PEOPLE! Sorry, I digress. The point I’m trying to make is that becoming a mother is a big deal, like super massive, so the more information (the right type) you have, the better equipped you will be – and trust me, you’re going to need all the help!

You could imagine my excitement when Dis-Chem reached out to me for their BIGGEST Expo for Moms, Tots and Babies. I mean, talk about the perfect place to start, or even if you’re not starting, it’s still a great place for you! I’ve already posted the giveaway on my Instagram page and I’ve linked it further down so you can scroll down if you don’t want to listen to me ramble on. But if you’re a fan of the rambling (I love you, let’s be friends), let’s get started!

In no particular order

  1. SLEEP – I spent just 1 night in hospital following the birth of my daughter, and I didn’t sleep a wink. Every single sound that she made sent me over the edge and I rocked and cradled her until the wee hours of the morning. This was great until it has been a week of hardly any sleep and this kid of mine was developing a routine – a bad routine.
  2. FEEDING – Following on the first point, I was breastfeeding (which btw was extremely difficult to do at first.) There’s the issue of latching, and then you don’t really know how much of milk they’re getting in because they’re so tiny and tire out so quickly! This gave rise to 5 minute feeding and very, VERY sore nipples. Because of this, she took power naps at night. Fun.
  3. THE DREADED SWITCH – I had to switch to formula and the bottle, not only because I was running low on the good stuff but I had to go to school. (PS. There’s a whole post about that here.) This was great for convenience and I finally could track how much she was drinking and honestly, this led to her sleeping through the night. But I’ve come to learn that breastmilk is packed with vitamins and nutrients that is absolutely vital for early development.
  4. SOLIDS and not so solids – The first few weeks of a baby is just poop. You get pooped on while feeding, bathing and ESPECIALLY while cleaning up the initial poop. I can’t tell you how bad the poop is, just know that sometimes, you just have to wash the whole baby. Yes, the poop is a lot.
  5. The other SOLIDS– I received such conflicting information on when the right age was to introduce solid food. I had some people saying I should keep her on milk for longer and then the real basket cases telling me to feed her curry and rice. I mean. Seriously. A balanced meal is imperative. IMPERATIVE.
  6. SICKNESS – My daughter is going to be 10 this year and a fever still sends me over the edge. I panic. So listening to old wives tales about treating measles/chicken pox WITHOUT a doctor is batshit crazy. Not my finest hour.
  7. EARLY DEVELOPMENT – I started a full time job straighter after finishing Matric, so I had no other choice but to enrol her in a Creche. I have to stress how important it is to choose wisely here. The last thing you need is a bunch of unqualified people affecting the development of your baby. This just creates a snowball effect and leads to difficulties in the future.
  8. TRAVELLING – Safety people. Just safety. This is not so much about something I wish I knew back then, but something I feel more people should stress. Whether its a car ride, bus/taxi or even a flight, safety is key.
  9. KNOWLEDGE is indeed power – There are professionals out there, people who have proven track records, methods based on facts and even science behind what works for children, find them and learn. I am still learning.
  10. LOVE is more than saying Yes to everything – Boundaries and teaching this to my daughter is something I wish I did more of in the early years. You can’t always be around to make sure that they’re eating right, or watching the appropriate things or even hearing the right things, but it does start at home. As a parent, you should be in control.

As promised, I rambled. It’s what a do 🙂 Now for the exciting bit! If you’re going to be in Pretoria on the 1 March 2019, please enter the giveaway below. All of the details are in the post, so goodluck!

For more information on the Boobaloo Expo, check out the links below:





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