BROCKA – street food in a mall?

I know what you’re thinking, what is this sorcery? How could we possibly have street food in a mall? Is it no longer street food? Is it – dare I say it – mall food? It’s not that deep. Cape Townians, I present to you, possibly the most yummiest hot wings, decadent milkshakes and juiciest burgers you will ever find. Quite a statement hey? You’d better read on to see why 🙂

Their facebook page describes Brocka as “a unique South African experience specializing in handcrafted burgers and the best cut ribs & wings, grilled to perfection”, and let me tell you that they do not disappoint! We stumbled upon this establishment purely by chance on what happened to be their opening weekend (October last year). My favourite pizza place, Europa, was replaced by Brocka so naturally I was very upset. Side note: Europa has the best prawn and chilli pizza! We were greeted by friendly faces and told that we had to place our order at the front desk and then we’d be seated – I wont lie, I though that was weird but their setup did remind me of a food stall that you’d find on the street (think food trucks or boerie rolls after a night out) so I gave it a chance. I ordered a cheeseburger with fries (playing it safe), boyfriend had wings and a burger (which I didn’t get a photo of) and the little one had a chicken burger. Their meals come with fries and a drink – plus their portions are quite generous. I will leave some photos below.


I had a beef burger (100% beef mind you), and it tasted like someone literally just mixed and shaped it by hand, none of that mass-produced junk. I expected the usual slice of cheese that wasn’t enough to make a dent, but I was greeted by a patty smothered in the most cheesiest sauce ever. I.AM.SALIVATING.AT.THE.MEMORY. I had a very decent portion of hand cut fries, seasoned to perfection and the rest of my party was equally as impressed. The wings were juicy and full-sized, the chicken burger was an actual chicken fillet that was crumbed. I have to say that when eating out, I struggle with the fact that I don’t know what’s in the food that I am putting into my and my kid’s body – but this food was wholesome. I love that about this place.

The Veteran burger – dripping with sauce!


Jalapeno flavored wings – by far the best!


We went back a few times (depending on how far we were trying to stray from our healthy eating), and each time was as good as the last. They did change their ordering system and made a few changes to their menu, but they are still dishing out proper portions with authentic goodness.  Just recently I went back to try their ‘Moerse Shakes’ – side note: the names on their menu are just so clever and on point! I had the ‘Black Mamba’ and all I can do is tell you that these photos don’t do any justice to how delicious it was!



The Black Mamba – as dangerous as it sounds!


I’m just going to give a few ratings on the aspects that I consider when choosing a place to eat:

Location : 6/10 – Whilst I’m sure being surrounded by people walking about is in keeping with their street food vibe, I just wasn’t a fan.

Taste : 10/10 – This is a no-brainer for me.

Price : 8/10 – They’re not the cheapest but I believe you get what you pay for.

Creativity : 10/10 – Their set up and the names on their menu are just really clever.

Family friendly : 5/10 – I don’t think they’re really the best place if you’re carting around kids, there isn’t a play area or space really.

Overall : 8/10



More information on Brocka:

Address: Shop 100, Entrance 4, Canal Walk, Century City, Cape Town (opposite Pick ‘n Pay.)
Phone: +27215510216
Facebook: Brocka
Instagram: @brocka_food


Let me know about your experiences, I love hearing from you!

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