Black Friday got me good + my first GIVEAWAY!

Black Friday got me good + my first GIVEAWAY!

Helurrr all you gorgeous souls! It has indeed been a hot minute since I’ve been here and I owe my absence to my studies. Since I’m done with exams (for now) and obviously smarter than I was before, I’d like to share my Black Friday experiences with you. There is also a giveaway at the end, so please do enter! The giveaway details will be on all my social media accounts so you can also check it out there, be sure to follow the steps!

I’m sure you would’ve gathered by now that I am pretty much your average Josie. I love shopping (even though my bank account tries to discourage me, I soldier on). For my fellow South Africans, I am sure you would agree that the concept of Black Friday overseas is just astonishing! You can get everything you’ve ever wanted at a fraction of the cost and the long queues don’t even bother you. HOWEVER, the scene in South Africa is somewhat dismal in comparison. We were offered between 5% and 30% off at various retailers that were probably still making a profit anyway. That did not stop people from going batshit crazy at the idea of a sale. Watch out credit and store cards, you were going to be violated! I was so against the blatant disrespect that was Black Friday and stood my ground…until Superbalist sent me a very personal email and offered me 80% off, then Swiitchbeauty announced their Pink Friday sale and The Samika Store shared some very tempting makeup items that I had been eyeing for eons! I crumbled. Like a freshly baked apple pie, crust warm to the touch with apple sauce dripping all along the side, I crumbled big time. Heck, I don’t even feel bad about it haha!

Check out what I got :

Superbalist necessities (obviously)

Superbalist was like that boy you liked, but you and him could never be a consistent thing. So you went on his social profiles every now and then and sighed at what you couldn’t have. UNTIL he messaged you with a “Hey there gorgeous” and all resistance crumbled! I had crumbled. I literally spent HOURS going through each and every item going on sale, and it didn’t matter whether they were things that I couldn’t use – I was going to find a way to use a men’s size 11 converse sneaker. I was out.of.control. FINALLY, I settled on 4 must have items – a gorgeous little black top that would be perfect for a night out (paired with some skinnies and heels) or even during the day (with a pair of shorts and flip flops). The possibilities were endless. A grey mock wrap dress that had my name written all over it had to be mine – because it was on sale. Lastly, two of the most cutest sunglasses ever – a pink tint with gold frames and a silver mirror finish (both cat eye of course). Unfortunately, the silver pair was later canceled as there was an error on the website that indicated they had stock of the item, when they infact did not. My heartbreak was real people. On the bright side, I picked up a similar pair from Cotton On in Canal Walk a week later (they had a 2 for R200 promo) so you can imagine how excited I was. Check them out below:

Grey mock wrap dress

Black camisole

The one that got away

Pink tint with gold frames

Swiitchbeauty (Pink Friday Sale)

I had only ordered from Swiitchbeauty once before (I got the slaysfordays eyeshadow palette, which I love), but I do follow them on all the socials so when they announced their ‘Pink Friday’ sale, I knew I needed more makeup. I literally knew exactly what I wanted and checked out faster than you can say “Bye money!”. I got the unicorn sauce eyeshadow palette, the browbae brushes and the holy grail flashcase. Rabia is not playing girls! The pigment on these babies are AH-MAZING! Just check out how gorgeous they look!

Look how pretty!

The Samika Store

I’ve also only ordered from Samika once before, and a visit to her site on Black Friday was not planned at all. I was literally scrolling through instagram and came across one of her pictures, and before I knew it, I had items in my cart! I picked up a set of colourpop lippies for R500 (thats like R100 each!), a pretty little fan brush and the Mary-Lou manizer from the balm cosmetics (I have been dying to get my hands on this!). I have not been able to get enough of the Mary-Lou manizer! It is a very subtle gold highlight, but it blends in so perfectly and looks like a natural (but striking) glow. The colourpop lippies are a range of matte, gloss, metallic and satin finishes in very nude like vibes.

Moral of the story – have someone hide your cards when a sale is approaching. Jokes. I love my purchases and I get to give away some amazing stuff to one lucky reader! I hope you are ready for this one because it is my very FIRST giveaway.

One lucky winner will get :

  • A unicorn sauce palette
  • The browbae eyebrow brush set
  • The Holy Grail flashcase
  • The colourpop for fox sake lippie set (that’s 5 lippies!)
  • These gorgeous silver sunnies
  • The Tommy Girl neon brights fragrance

The rules are pretty simple:

  • Follow me on all social platforms (I will leave the links below)
  • Repost the giveaway image from my instagram page and tag me @Raeesa13 with the hashtag #GiveawayMG
  • Lastly just comment on the giveaway image on instagram/twitter/facebook and tag 2 friends.

You can enter as many times as you like 🙂
Entries close on 1st January and the winner will be announced on the 5th January on all my social accounts.
This giveaway is only open to South African residents and has not been sponsored by any of the brands mentioned above.

Instagram: Raeesa13

Facebook: Miss Govender

Twitter: Rae_G13

Good Luck!

A review that I didn’t make-up. (See what I did there?)

A review that I didn’t make-up. (See what I did there?)

Helurrr all you gorgeous people! I have been in absolute awe of the support and sweet words I’ve received since my last post, so I would like to start off by saying THANK YOU.

Now let’s get into it! Today I will be reviewing some of the products that I have recently purchased through various retailers/platforms. (Also due to influence from various youtubers – I’m such a bad/good influencee lol). Without further ado, here they are – in no particular order.


1. Tarte shape tape contour concealer.

It is no surprise that this concealer has been raved about by errbody in the beauty industry so obviously I needed this in my life. Let’s start off with some history on Tarte cosmetics and it’s founder, Maureen Kelly. This amazing company was started in her very own one bedroom apartment in 1999, purely with the need to create a cosmetic line that was not only cruelty free and good for you, but was glamorous and chic. Fast forward 18 years and she has lived up to that! The shape tape is described on their website as “A best-selling, full-coverage, vegan, blendable concealer that instantly brightens, smooths & shapes skin.” They also state that one shape tape is sold every 26 seconds – how crazy is that?! Don’t believe me? Check it out here.

Price: R320 (Their official website does ship internationally, however the associated shipping costs and customs/taxes pretty much end up around the same as ordering from re-sellers in South Africa.) I am not sure about costs regarding other countries but their website sums it all up for you. With shipping costs of R240 and customs/taxes of around R300, I ended up forking out just above R800 for this bad boy. Plus I had to wait a month for it to arrive and I am probably THE most impatient person. They do offer free shipping for orders over R1042, so if you’re looking to splurge then yay for you!

Formulation/texture/coverage: Their claim of full coverage is not to be taken lightly – literally. The tiniest bit of products blends out and covers for days! So I know this product is definitely going to last me a while. It is such a lightweight formula, yet the visible difference is amazing and you don’t even need setting powder. I bought the shade medium (I am an NC42 in Mac Foundation) and the highlight and coverage it provides is gorgeous!

Packaging and a surprise: My package arrived with the nastiest SARS stickers all around the box, but when I opened it…there was a little card with a discount coupon and the sweetest words on the back. Then I found unicorn wrapping paper and I felt all fuzzy inside. The shape tape is 10ml of product and is a pretty decent size tube with a wand to match. I didn’t even mention the best part – a free sample! These are obviously not guaranteed with every order but you might be lucky! I chose the lights,camera,lashes 4-in-1 mascara and it is so adorable! I must say that the little touches they added (and the free gift + discount coupon) made me feel a little better about the amount I spent on shipping and customs.


2. Milani conceal + perfect 2-in-1 foundation + concealer

Whoa that’s a mouthful! Also a very bold statement. Milani cosmetics founded by brother and sister, Laurie Minc and Ralph Bijou is known as a ‘drugstore foundation’. “Inspired by Milan” – they encompass “rich, lush, with more diversity in shade range.” Unfortunately, the drugstores in South Africa don’t stock this brand so I purchased mine from the Makeup Shack.

Price: R289 (I think it was on special but it usually retails for around R300. Shipping was R80 so 10 points for affordability!)

Formulation/texture/coverage: The name in itself promises to be the only thing you need for flawless skin (so no shape tape? Now you tell me!) It feels really smooth on application and blends out really well. It has the best scent I have ever experienced with a foundation – it smells of cinnamon!(I love the smell of cinnamon so I am very biased on the smell lol). The smell does fade (awh man) so dont worry, you’re not going to be a walking cinnabon. (That is a very delicious thought though, ain’t it?) I will say that is it definitely full coverage for the most part but I did feel like I needed my shape tape for my under-eye circles. I do have a really dark under-eye area so definitely a personal preference. My T-zone is oily so I did need to blot during the day, but the foundation wore pretty good.

Packaging: I’m sure this will vary with different re-sellers, I received my bottle in bubble wrap which I loved. Yes, I love bubble wrap, don’t judge me. The bottle is 30ml of product which the norm, and has a pump. The pump has to be my favorite thing when it comes to foundation, so another 10 points! I am the shade 07 – Sand, which is the tiniest bit darker than my actual skin but after highlight, it looks just right.


3. Benefit bigger and bolder brows kit.

This amazing company was founded all they way back in 1976 by Jean and Jane Ford. What was named the ‘Face Place’, transformed into ‘Benefit Cosmetics’ in 1990. Only recently introduced to the South African market through Edgars and Red Square stores, these counters have literally changed my brow game. Not only do they provide awesome products, they give advice on your specific brow/skin concern. While we’re on the topic, thanks to Rubybox’s latest promotion, I got a free wax and brow styling session. The stylist at the Red Square in Canal Walk, Cape Town, Chante was an absolute doll. I am been a victim of over-plucked eyebrow syndrome and this woman was phenomenal! From her personality, to the products and advice she gave me, I left that counter a very happy woman! This would usually cost R145 – with that experience, I am definitely going back next month. I’m sorry, I digress. I just had to mention it! Back to the kit. I got mine from the Benefit counter at Edgars in Canal Walk (I shop there a lot, I know).

Price: R475 (Red Square has it reduced to R403,75 here)You’re getting close to R900 in products so this is definitely a massive save.

Formulation/texture/coverage: The kit includes brow stencils, a high brow pencil (full size), Ka-Brow! (full size in shade 5) and the ready,set, brow! gel (travel size).


  • The Ka-Brow! is my favorite brow product ever. It is the cutest thing ever and fills in your brows perfectly with the smallest amount of product.


  • If you’re new to this, then the stencils really help with giving you guidance and the brush is the perfect size to do your thing. Trust me, soon you will be free styling because this product is creamy and blends out so naturally – although you can build up the product if you need those dramatic looks.


  • The high brow pencil is pink in colour but adds the best highlight under your now perfect brows – it is sooo creamy, makes everything look super clean and blends out so good!


  • And the cream cheese frosting on the red velvet cupcake is definitely the ready,set,brow!gel. This little baby is perfect to just seal in your masterpiece and the wand with the dual sided bristles is perfect for sculpting. Those brows ain’t budging until you use your micellar water, girlfriend.


Packaging: The box itself is a pretty tin which makes pack-up-and-go super easy. You know your products are not going to budge in those indented foam inners. The actual Ka-Brow! pot, ready,set,brow! gel and high brow pencil are beautiful just to look at. These are the kind of products you want to take everywhere and show off because they were designed so impeccably. Definitely a good buy for a girl who just wants to have a brow game.


I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on these products. As I mentioned on instagram, my content is not limited to a specific topic/category, so let me know what you would like to read more about and I will be more than happy to do my best. This was a bit of a lengthy post, but there’s so much I wanted to share on these products/brands and I feel I needed to inform people who may be thinking of investing in them.

Remember that you are getting my completely unbiased opinion on these reviews and that all products were bought by me. I’m just going to keep it real.

Thank you for reading