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Home is where you are happy.

Helurrr gorgeous people 🙂 I am back again and have a lot to share with you – but this post is slightly different because I would also like to hear from you. So please leave me a comment once you’re done reading about what your take is on this or anything that you would like to share.

I am not much of a traveler (I haven’t left South Africa – yet!), so trips within my country are pretty special to me. I recently took a little family trip to Pretoria as a result of an amazing promotion at SAFAIR where I paid just R3 for a flight. (I kid you not people, it was real!) I like saving money just as much as the next person because taking a trip anywhere involves A LOT of costs – we’re talking car hire, accommodation, food obviously and places you want to visit (like starbucks!).

I am probably the world’s best procrastinator and pack the night before (when I’m feeling extra bad it’s sometimes on the day lol), but I did pretty well and managed to take everything I needed. I do make a checklist though – I might like living on the edge but I still like checking stuff off a very important list. Honestly, the last thing you want to do is rock up at the airport without identification or your wallet so I would definitely recommend having a list. We arrive at the airport just over an hour before our 11h45 flight only for me to realise that we are actually flying at 11h00! *face palm* Thank goodness we arrived when we did so we were just in time for boarding and didn’t have to wait in line for too long because we were practically last! We were greeted by friendly faces and got to our seats real fast because I checked in online and got us seats right at the front (please do that when you are flying because it’s no fun trying to get to the middle of the plane whilst someone is trying to shove their ‘hand luggage’ in the overhead compartment – which is clearly bigger than my checked in luggage!).

I am a really nervous flyer so take off and landing is always a struggle for me – I hold on to my daughter’s hand and I watch the sheer joy and excitement on her face as we leave the ground (and my stomach) behind. One Cafe Mocha and huge lemon&poppy muffin later, we arrive at O.R Tambo and I need to take off my 3 layers of clothing. We are greeted with beautiful sunshine and heat – which I haven’t experienced since March so I was thrilled! We drive for what feels like forever to Centurion and I start to miss home almost immediately. There were no mountains or coastlines to drool over and the greenery in Cape Town is simply breathtaking – but that was okay since I was sweating again! I digress…back to Centurion! We had planned to spend time with family that both my partner and I have living in the area – little did we know, they’re literally 7kms from each other so everything worked perfectly.


The lovely dairy farm – and yummy cheeseburger experience.

Since Thursday was spent catching up, we planned an outing for Friday – somewhere outside, sunny, kid friendly and of course with good food. We arrive at the Irene Farm and I am in heaven! (You can check them out here) This place is so pretty and there’s a really good smell in the air – nature! We’re seated at the Barn Restaurant and it just feels so good. There was a wedding party at the other side of the restaurant so I was naturally trying to make a grab for the cupcakes lol. The kids were loving the jungle gym and antique tractors that they were able to enjoy – I swear a kid’s imagination is the best place. After a very hearty meal and really good conversation, we took a stroll through the farm. I must admit that having a 8 – 5 job really does affect your ability to just unwind, because lets be honest, your day does not end at 4pm! If anything, you’re just clocking in to your next job – Mommy mode engaged! This place was so simple yet so peaceful – sure the strong smell of ‘nature’ does make your nose hurt a bit, but once you stop focusing on it, it’s breathtakingly beautiful. I’m talking big oak trees, a small pond with ducks and their ducklings trotting along without a care in the world! Cows just chilling on the grass – not even worried about whether they need a filter on their next instagram post. It was really good to just be. Sometimes you just need to. We ended the trip with a visit to Starbucks at Menlyn Mall. I have been seeing pictures everywhere and I had serious FOMO so I had to try this good stuff. I am a die hard Seattle and Truth Coffee fan so obviously this place had really high standards to meet. The queues were insane and the menu looked really foreign to me. If you’ve watched Kevin Hart’s ‘WHAT NOW’ movie, then you’ve heard about his experience at starbucks – HE DID NOT MAKE THAT STUFF UP. After 10 minutes, I just ordered what my boyfriend ordered (He ordered what his sister ordered – see the trend?lol) It tasted really nice, I’m not going to lie. It was a really nice tasting (something – I cant remember what order I copied) and I think it was the experience that I enjoyed. Oh and I had to take the famous starbucks snap (I’ll insert it below). Did I enjoy it? Yes. Would I go out of my way to have it again? Probably not. If you want a real coffee experience with all day breakfast on a Sunday, you have to visit Truth Coffee on Buitenkant street in Cape Town. The atmosphere, staff attire, food and coffee are out of this world. Now that is something I would go out of my way for.

The beautiful Barn Restaurant
The gorgeous garden that leads to the restaurant
Starbucks snap of course!


Gold Reef City – the roadtrip edition.

If there is one thing I am not a fan of, it’s driving. No, I’m not talking about regular drives to the office or going to the mall, I’m talking about everything being an hour drive away from Centurion! Seriously? Okay, maybe we just have it easy in Cape Town because there’s literally so much to do within 15kms. I have only been to Gold Reef City once before (We stayed at the theme park hotel for the week of Ultra Music Festival 2016) and I really love theme parks. I am a fan of rides and silly fishing games – that was my childhood and it’s a part of me. Naturally, I want my daughter to experience it so we get on our way – this kid just explodes with energy when she sees the place! (Maybe it was the hour ride build up lol) We have an absolute ball! From kiddy car rides to the animal farm and obviously the jump park because nobody wants to take a hyped up kid home – jump parks tire them out and nap time is so much easier. Also, jumping is really fun as an adult too, it’s really a win-win. I feel like we (I) take ourselves too seriously and we don’t laugh enough, let loose enough or just have fun. Yes I spend a lot of time on my cellphone and laptop, but it’s those moments where we don’t have to actually think about anything that are the best! As weird as it sounds, a child will really redefine fun for you and it is amazing when you see it from their eyes.

Jump socks!


Sidenote: My (then) 7 year old daughter taught me how to ride a bicycle – it was just a year ago so I’m still pretty new to this. It was a beautiful Sunday at Sea Point in Cape Town and I was persuaded (forced) to hire a bicycle for myself. I usually run along because I never learnt how to ride a bicycle growing up and it kind of slipped through the cracks so I never got around to doing it. I was amazed with the patience that this kid had and how much she encouraged me to keep going – in that moment I knew that I definitely must have done something right with this precious little girl. 


The Depart.

I absolutely dread goodbyes but when you know that you have really made the most of your time with the people who really matter, it’s a little easier. We missed our return flight (yes it was my fault, because sleep) and had to be put on standby for the next one. That worked out for us because we had time for a really good breakfast and the trip home was really relaxed. As soon as the pilot told us that we had to prepare for our descent, I felt home. I’ve been in Cape Town for just over a year and this place finally feels like home. Yes, I miss my family like crazy but right now, I am really glad that this is my new happy place.

Go on a little adventure – take a drive somewhere (anywhere) and just enjoy it. Live in the actual moments and just be. Tell me about your trips and what makes your home feel like home? I would love to hear from you 🙂


Until next time xx


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  1. Rehana says:

    Really warms my heart to know that you live and enjoy your life and dont just exist.Home is where the heart is too.Happiness is a personal thing and its what makes you feel good. This time will help you grow and create a life that feels good on the inside and it will turn into experiences that are good on the outside.You definitely grow through what you go through.And the best feeling is when someone appreciates everything about you that someone else took for granted,The best things in life are the people we love and the places we have been and the memories we have made along the way.We exist in physical form for a finite amount of time. Enjoy your life now.I applaud you for that my baby girl.

    Miss and love you guys stacks

    Lotsa lurvvv


    1. Miss Govender says:

      Thanks for all the beautiful words mum. Miss you and love too!

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