Real Talk

I am a (perfect) mess.

Today I am ditching my Madea greeting for a simple hello. This is a simple post about little ol’ me and where I am mentally. So get out your snacks and hot beverages because it’s about to get REAL messy.

Not too long ago, I announced my social media break (check it out here in case you missed it). Whilst I didn’t go into much detail around the reasons, I think you got the gist – I needed to focus on my studies and didn’t have a handle on the amount of time that I was spending online. Now here’s where it got tricky. I convinced myself that I needed social media to make my blog a success – but what/who was I measuring my success against? The number of views that I got? Followers on Instagram and Twitter? I mean, I did work with 2 skincare brands so obviously it was paying off. Yeah, I’m a master at convincing myself.

Truth is that my blog started to take a backseat and I spent most of my time scrolling through my feed, sighing at how amazing other people’s lives were, while I let my own life slip. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t fall into depression and wasn’t a danger to myself or anyone around me, I just wasn’t doing too great. I was doing the very thing that I blogged about NOT doing – and I hated every moment. So I decided to make a change. I decided to take control of my life and to let light in. Unfortunately, I had to take a (temporary) break from social media because I needed to get my life in order and I wasn’t sure of whether I could do it if I was constantly comparing myself to highlights. I’m still not back yet, but I will be when I’m ready.

Something amazing happened this past weekend, and I would love to share it with you. I attended my first Cape Town Blogger Meetup. You can read all about it on Zayaan’s post here ( I will also be putting up a separate post about the event soon). I met so many amazing women there and was so inspired after hearing all of their stories. These were ordinary women with extraordinary minds – it was beautiful to witness. We heard success stories and were given advice that we really needed – whether we were blogging for a month or 5 years! Just meeting these women helped me put so many things into perspective, and motivated me to actually be me. 

A year ago, I started this blog to share my experiences, opinions and everything in between with YOU. I needed an outlet, a space where I could be (unapologetically) me. Somewhere along the line, I lost focus of that and I would like to get back. Of course I’m not going to share every bit of my life but there are parts that I am ready to open up about. I hope you stick around for those. 

So whether I get 1 view or 1000 views, what will always remain is that this is MY story and I love sharing it with you.

I am a mess, a perfect mess – aren’t you?

Miss Govender

A woman with a purpose | Also I love food | Is food my purpose? It is a possibility!

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