Helurrr and happy weekend everyone! I hope that this long weekend is filled with love and good memories – also be safe out there.

I recently found (as the title suggests) the BROW WHISPERER. The Wizard of waxing. The Daenerys of threading. The Aro Volturri of shaping. THE QUEEN OF ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL, Razia Israel of Dvine Beauty. I have linked her Facebook page, but will leave all her details at the bottom of this post.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Razia last month just before my birthday. I won a free brow service from a competition on the Beauty Swop Facebook page (another page you have to check out!) and I was so thrilled because I had been reading so many awesome reviews about her. When I met her, she sat me down for a little chat about my brows and what my experiences were. I mentioned to her that over the years, they had been overplucked and treated very badly by people claiming that they would make them better. I also told her that I fill them in with brow products so I’m obviously not expecting a quick fix – I am willing to be patient. She talked me through every little process and made sure I was comfortable throughout 🙂 I am SUCH a ninnypants when it comes to pain and I just cried the entire time – Razia was so sweet and gave me time to compose myself even though I was behaving like Elena from TVD.

At the end of it all, she handed me a little container of magic – which she appropriately calls Miracle Whip. Out of pure fear for my life, I cannot share all of the ingredients with you, BUT, Razia was kind enough to mention a few of the key ingredients: an aloe vera base, tea tree as antiseptic and roman chamomile to soothe – a fragrance and colour free gel that literally changed my life! A little backstory on my very visible MO, I’m indian and part of the deal is that I have a crap load of hair – facial hair to be specific, although the hair Gods didn’t cheap out on the rest of my body but that’s another blog post lol. I have been trying to find a method to effectively remove my MO without having to writhe in pain every 2 weeks – I’ve tried waxing, threading, hair removal cream, but I would always get these tiny bumps all over my upper lip. Not only was it painful but little whiteheads would surface and BOOM! discoloration all around my mouth area. Razia explained that irrespective of the removal method, my pores were open and any contact with bacteria (from my hands obviously) would cause said bumps. I must admit that I didn’t believe that her Miracle Whip would save my life, BUT man am I happy that it did! I followed her instructions for aftercare and I had absolutely no discomfort or bumps. I’m a believer.

Literally where the magic happens!


I went back to her this week and I was more than happy to hand over my money – The brow service usually costs R230 and includes a brow wax / thread, brow tint & a lip wax, which has led to this blog post. I’ve included a before and after picture of my brows and they have not been filled in or edited.

Before and after – absolutely no brow products applied


A part of me didn’t feel comfortable raving about Razia when I hadn’t actually paid for her service and I pride myself in transparency and honesty. BUT LET ME TELL YOU, Razia is worth every single cent. Not only is she such a professional, but she is so lovely to talk to. Her salon is in a beautiful, tranquil setting and you will definitely have a few laughs! She’s also started stocking Pink Cosmetics products at her salon – I can’t wait to try out their brush cleaners!

Picture perfect setting 🙂


Just a few of the Pink Cosmetics products that I am gushing over!

This post is in no way sponsored and my thoughts are purely based on my experience. She will be at the Cape Town Beauty Swop Expo in July so I would suggest getting yourself there – also look out for a post with a possible surprise closer to the time 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this, please let me know what you think below!


Details as promised:

Razia Israel – Dvine Beauty

Physical Address: 54 Anderson Street, Goodwood
Cape Town, Western Cape 7460

Cell: 081 242 8328

Appointments: Booksy


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  1. Such a lovely post!Thanks for the mention

    1. Miss Govender says:

      Thank you Charnell ❤️ I’d be doing the world a huge injustice if I didn’t get everyone hooked on your group!

  2. Razia Israel says:

    Wow Raeesa, I am truly humbled by your kind words. Thank you for the feature. Your blog is amazing. I wish you all the success and happiness your heart can hold. Much love, Razia X

    1. Miss Govender says:

      Thank you so much Razia ❤️ and I definitely mean every word!

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