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Hello all you beautiful people! Welcome to another episode of me. Life has been really good to me and I thought I would share an update with you. I was recently invited to my VERY FIRST EVENT and it was such an amazing experience. It was a tree planting ceremony, followed by wine tasting to celebrate the launch of their new snack line. This was none other than Faithful to Nature. I will share some pictures that I took on this day.

The charming snack spread
Social handles for the day
Never really saw flowers in a vineyard before
Look how pretty
Long walk into the wilderness
This cheeseboard was amazing. The crackers and biscuits – HEAVEN!
Some wine
And OJ for me – the drive to Somerset West was looong

For those of you that know me, I’m not the healthiest person with the cleanest eating habits. I love snacking and have an insane sweet tooth, but I get sick way too often. I feel like a bigger force was at play when I came home with a gooodie bag (filled with almonds, popcorn, ACV, cous cous, tea/coffee samples and other good stuff that barely made it to the door lol) from the event and found a voucher for the online store! I’m no health freak, but I’d like to get myself and my family on a healthier lifestyle. So this was a great opportunity for me to start!

We recently bought a Nutribullet lookalike, so what better way to start this journey! I bought a few things that I’ve been seeing on people’s instagram posts and a few recipes I found on Pinterest. I’ve never tried any of these products before so trust me, you’re getting a first impression reaction right here. Also, I have my daughter trying them out so you know she has no reason to be biased. If anything, she’s a much tougher critic than I am. #notsponsored lol

I thought I’d post a recipe and just briefly discuss the benefits of the ingredients. Obviously I’m not going to do one every day because these things are expensive and also I’m lazy, but let’s start with some cereal 🙂

Life Bake – Grain-Free Instant Cereal Chocolate

Taste is key for me, and this reminded me of chocolate coconut clusters. I added a dash of honey because this is unsweetened. My daughter didn’t enjoy it though, she said she could only taste the honey, which is weird because all I could taste was the chocolate and coconut. It is worth mentioning that I made a very yummy berry smoothie as well (I’ll save that for the next post), so she might have been blowing this one off just because she wanted the smoothie lol. Sneaky little thing.

The texture was a mix between smooth with coconut bits, I hope I’m making sense. It goes down really well though, no chewing required. I added normal milk because I was unsure of what almond milk would do to the taste of it, but will try that tomorrow and update. 

This is a quick, low carb, gluten free, high fiber, vegan breakfast. My digestive system is loving me for this! PS. you can also use it to make a delicious smoothie by adding some fresh fruit and popping it into a blender.

Overall thoughts 

A part of me is kind of glad that my daughter didn’t like this because that means there is more for me. The price point is a little steep for me (R56 for 250g) so that means that I have to either cut down on spending elsewhere or eat this less frequently. I do love the nutritional value and benefits here so obviously I will try to convince myself that it is worth the extra penny or two.  But I would be lying if I said that spending close to R300 a month just on cereal is easy. I will keep you updated though. I live in the Northern Suburbs in Cape Town and my order was delivered the next day, to my door! Colour me impressed!

I jazzed it up with some fresh fruit to make a smoothie bowl!

Disclaimer: the products mentioned above were purchased with a voucher that I received for attending the Faithful to Nature event. However, this post and my thoughts have not been sponsored and views expressed are my own.

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