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Helurrr beautiful people! It is now day 8 of my social media cleanse and already my life expectancy has increased tremendously. I am actually able to keep my head up when I am walking (which is great because now I’m not walking into glass or tripping up and down stairs). The biggest win, I have to say, is that I have saved an incredible amount of money from not being tempted by ads online.

LOL. I wish. Whilst the bit about me walking better is true, I have to admit that this is harder than it looks. I am finding myself constantly unlocking my phone, opening and scrolling through the apps that I do have – which in this case is Settings and my mail. It’s truly addictive and I’m just trying to replicate some of the motions for my sanity. In other news, I am sleeping much better and my phone battery lasts for days.

ANYHOO, this post is about an amazing skincare brand that I have had the pleasure to try out – because I won these products in a giveaway a few months ago. We all know how crappy my skin has been in the not-so-distant past and how careful I am with what I put on my face. In saying that, I should prepare you for yet another honest review. Whilst I will not be raving about absolutely every product – because everyone is different – just know that I have tried and tested these products for more than 2 months. Also worth mentioning that even though I won these products in a giveaway, this post is not sponsored and I will be purchasing a few products when I run out.


Hello gorgeous goodies!


As you can see, I received quite a few full sized skincare products as well as some nifty little samples. My favourites (which I will expand on) are the Natural Radiance Moisturiser, Setting Spray and the Face Primer.


About Kiki Beauty

You can read about their story here, but I will say that the level of engagement from the brand’s Instagram page is amazing. You get quick responses to any and all queries/comments that you have. For me, communication is such a plus when you’re wanting to try out different products. Whilst the range is deemed Luxury Skincare, I will say that they’re extremely competitively priced in comparison to brands that you would find at your larger chain/department stores.

They have a Make-Up Ready range – which is perfect for prepping your skin and ensuring that your makeup not only looks great, but it lasts too. Their Skincare and BodyCare ranges are packed with natural ingredients – which feel great on the skin and smell amazing.

They’re cruelty free and MADE IN SA. Double yes!


My favs

I did try each product for a good amount of time (usually a month or two) and whilst each of them were great in their own right, I did see some pretty good VISIBLE results from a few of them and those became my favs!

In no particular order…


  1. Natural Radiance Moisturiser : THIS CHANGED MY LIFE YOU GUUUUYS! LOL sorry for that YouTuber description, but this stuff is amazing. I am a very oily girl, which isn’t the worst thing in the world, except that sometimes it can feel that way. Barely an hour after getting to work, I can literally see the shine of my face reflect off my laptop screen and blind me. On the very first day of using this little tube of magic, I was not oily AT ALL. I could not believe it! On application, the texture was like a normal moisturiser and absorbed into my skin quite nicely – leaving almost a velvety finish (reminded me of a primer). My skin felt soft and looked great too. Whilst I haven’t seen a change to the overall condition of my skin or scars, the fact that I am no longer oily is enough for me to purchase once I run out. PS. I tried my Cetaphil moisturiser recently and was almost invaded by the U.S. It retails for R365 (50ml).
  2. Setting Spray : Can I just say that this was by far, the most hyped up product by local beauty bloggers. There’s also a Citrus and Rose flavour, but I got the plain one. The one thing that stood out for me was the fact that my face didn’t feel tacky at all. I use this under my makeup, to set my makeup and also on a bare face – it’s great to just spritz on during the day. Did it improve the longevity of my makeup? Yes, yes it did. R240 for 100ml is such a steal.
  3. Face Primer : This is a close second to the Setting Spray in terms of hyped up products. In both cases – totally necessary! The texture is really lightweight and in just sinks into your skin so easily. I usually let this sit for 20-30 minutes before I start with my makeup application. It filled my pores, and left my skin with a really nice finish – I want to say matte but hydrated? Makeup application after this is a breeze. I don’t reach for any other primer and I haven’t looked back ever since. This one is slightly steep in price – R400 for 50ml, but this is one of those products that you should splurge on. Also, a little goes a long way, so you’re going to get quite a few uses out of this one!


Overall thoughts

Can I attribute the longevity and overall increase in appearance of my makeup to one of these products? Probably not. Whilst I have tried to use these products in isolation, and didn’t have any issues, I will say that all three products are amazing for my skin. I don’t usually use makeup everyday, mostly special occasions and events, but when I do, I don’t want to be constantly blotting my T-Zone and doing touch ups. These products work really well for me, and I just wanted to share that with you 🙂


The other products were good too, however I didn’t really notice much of a benefit for my skin. Probably because I expect miracles LOL, but remember that you get a few samples when you order, so you can always try different products out before parting with your hard earned cash.


I’ve linked the actual products, so you can purchase online (if you want), and will leave their socials further down. Let me know your thoughts!


Kiki Beauty on Insta! follow here

Facebook perhaps? like here

Online shopping! shop here


Until next time


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