Helurrr and welcome to my blog!

I am so excited that you chose my page to fill up your browsing history and I know that we’re going to have a really good bloggership (too much? sorry but I’m just really amped..it’ll get better, I promise).

Lets start with introductions, shall we? My name is Raeesa (Raeesa Govender? OMG what is she? a hybrid? is she haraam?) Yes. Very – but we’ll leave that bit for a blogpost. I am a whole 26 years of age and a very proud momma of a free spirited 9 year old. I was born in Durban and blessed the city with my pure awesomeness for 24 years, until I moved to Cape Town where I have experienced winter for the very first time. I work in the Corporate world and am studying toward my BCom in Statistics.

I enjoy long sips of coffee and stuffing my face with cupcakes while complaining that my jeans don’t fit. I love my family and can guarantee you that a game of 3o seconds will turn into a screaming match after the first 30 seconds! I love dogs and pizza (not together – and no pineapple for either!).

Interesting fact about me: I once watched all 6 Star Wars movies in one weekend so that I could watch the 7th one with my boyfriend at the movies. I ended up meeting his mother there and lets just say I won major brownie points and she loves me (If she’s reading this, I love your food! Oh and your son.)

Thank you again for reading…


Love and hugs xx